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Gambling and Casino Guest Posts – Write for Us

We accept guests post, although we have very strict requirements if you write for us. You are allowed two links in each article. Contact us for rates.

Guest Posts contact: mamacasinos@gmail.com


  • Accurate information (we wont publish nonsense)
  • Well written and informative
  • Original (no spun, re-written or copied content)
  • Casino or gambling related. It doesn’t need to only be about roulette.
  • Up to two links to your websites
  • Your websites must not have information or material that conflicts with ours (eg. if you promote gambling systems that don’t work, or if you promote an unethical online casino, we wont allow the link)
  • Appropriate images and subheadings (make your article appealing)
  • At least 800 words
  • An article that readers will actually benefit from. Teach readers something about gambling or casinos they they may not have known.
  • You must clearly state the author’s name. This is so readers know the article was not written by us. We will not mislead readers into thinking we wrote it.

We do not accept all articles or links. If you obviously haven’t put much work into the article and it’s loaded with vague information that doesn’t really help the reader, we won’t accept it.

Often we will make changes to your posts, and we’ll work with you to ensure the changes are acceptable. This is because a statement may be incorrect, or “spammy and promotional”. We understand you may want to promote something, but we only accept articles that are honest and accurate.

Where your post will be published

The link to your article will appear in the sidebar of this site, as a recent post. It may remain there for a day or so or even weeks. It depends on when other articles are published. When the link moves off the recent post list, it will be listed in the post archive.

The chances are you want to promote an online casino brand. If this is the case and your guest post promotes a casino with a poor reputation, we won’t allow it. This includes William Hill, which we receive more complaints about than any other casino. You can see our live roulette recommendation page which also lists blacklisted and rogue casinos.

Types of guest posts we prefer

Most of our readers want to learn about roulette, although we’ve already covered just about every topic involving ways to beat roulette. So below are some ideas for guest posts:

  • Casino and gambling news (such as formation of new casinos, or anything that affects players)
  • New gambling industry technology (as as new roulette wheel designs)
  • Gambling tips and advice (This is ok provided your advice is perfectly accurate. We carefully ensure our own advice is accurate, so expect we’ll subject your posts to the same criticism)

We’ve listed a few topic ideas below:

These are just a few examples to get you going. If your topic is related to gambling or betting, we’re likely to accept it.

Acceptable Writing Styles

We accept any range of writing styles. From generic contents to unique and creative wordings. If you’re well-versed in various writing styles, it is preferred. You can write on topics ranging from betting guides, tips, and tricks related to gambling, casino reviews and many more related to gambling, casino, and betting. However, there are certain points one should remember when writing:

 Avoid excessive use of complex or sophisticated words. In the end, you’re writing for the general public, make sure to use the words easily understandable by the masses.

– Pay attention to the readability. It should not be a boring article people will end up leaving. There should be an ideal level of information and an eye-pleasing format. Formatting is your duty.

– Think whether the article is capable of contributing to a discussion, or worth sharing. If it fulfills any of the two requirements, it is a good article.

Do you accept sponsored posts or advertising?

Please email admin@gamblingdens.com to discuss advertising and sponsorship.

How do I submit my guest article?

Please send an email to admin@gamblingdens.com. A member of our editorial team will get back to you with further information and instructions.