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LCM: A brilliant application of Multiplication

Multiplication is an incredible operation of Mathematics. One needs to know about the various applications linked with this property. This property requires a lot of practice and dedication. All topics must be practiced with concentration to gain expertise in this portion. One of the most important applications of multiplication is lcm. Lcm is an abbreviation for lowest common multiple, which signifies the smallest multiple of the supplied integers. This has several applications. It is used in the addition and subtraction of fractions.

For example, knowing the size of a box allows us to calculate how much paper will be needed to cover it. This is a great illustration of the relevance of lcm. There are many crucial problems related to this topic that must be practiced to obtain a respectable score in Mathematics.

There is a vivid variation in the level of questions related to this topic. There are multiple applications of the lowest common multiple in chapters like mensuration and fractions. Many problems are solved with the use of this exceptional property. It will develop clarity in the minds of the readers about the concepts of this property.

Importance of Lowest Common Multiple:


This is an important concept utilized in the chapter fractions. It may be used to compute the sum and difference of two simple fractions. It is also useful for comparing a large number of fractions. These considerations explain why the lowest common multiple is required. It is also very beneficial in resolving any difficulties with machine meshing gears. It is used to calculate the number of rotations necessary for realignment. This is accomplished by calculating the lowest common multiple of the teeth of the various gears. The application of this tool solves all difficulties relating to mesh gears. Similarly, the lowest common multiple can also prove to be useful in resolving difficulties involving planet alignment.


The technique of calculating the lowest common multiple is to create a table of the supplied values and look for the common factor  that is shared by all of them. When a common product is discovered, that product becomes the desired result. However, this approach is time-consuming and should only be used for small quantities. Using prime numbers, we may illustrate the idea of factorization. The provided numbers from which the lowest common multiple is to be calculated can be expressed as powers of prime numbers. The required result is the sum of all prime numbers raised to their greatest powers. This approach is quite successful for determining the lcm. However, the table approach is the most efficient way to obtain the lcm. Tables are used to store the numbers for which the lcm is to be calculated. The division by prime numbers is then done. When prime numbers are the only remaining constituents in the table, the product yields the lcm.

This article is an attempt to display the method of calculation of the lowest common multiple and the significance of this property. If students face any problem with this topic then they can take the help of Cuemath. It is an online resource for all math and coding-related questions. Teachers also use this platform to improve their teaching methods. It has helped many students in solving their doubts.

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