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Playing online casino: using computer vs Smartphone?

The online game has evolved considerably in recent years. So much so, that it has gone from being a game mode limited to a few, to being available to almost any user.

In fact, not many years ago, online gambling was restricted for those who could afford to buy a computer and have the Internet in their homes. And this was not the most common due to the high cost involved.

However, with technological improvements and lower prices for computers, these devices began to become more common in Mexican homes.

The same began to happen with the Internet. This service began to enjoy notable improvements and different operators were launched on the market. Competition allowed the reduction of prices and, failing that, the access to more people to the Internet.

Later cell phones appeared . These devices went from being a form of communication to an element for entertainment.

Today, both computers and smartphones are used to play online casinos. So much so that there are players more related to betting online with the PC and others who prefer mobile devices.

This time we are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these two game modes. That is, we are going to put computer vs. Smartphone in contrast . So you can know which of the two forms of play best suit your needs.


Without a doubt this is the main advantage that cell phones have over computers. These mobile devices allow players to enjoy casino games from almost anywhere . It is enough to have Internet coverage for it.

This does not happen with computers. Although it is possible to move these devices, this will always depend on other elements. Even using a laptop, it would be very uncomfortable to travel with it to certain places.

A Smartphone hardly takes up space , making it ideal for playing on the go . In addition, it allows the user to play whenever they want and stop playing immediately, something unthinkable when using a computer.

Therefore, at the mobility level, there is no doubt that it will always be more advantageous to use a cell phone.


In this sense, both the computer and the cell phone would be two appropriate ways of playing . It is true that to a greater extent we can relate comfort to the home and, therefore, to the computer.

However, we can also play online casino through an Android Smartphone or iPhone from our home. And we can do it comfortably sitting on our favorite sofa.

In this way, and despite the fact that this feature would be more linked to computers, both this device and cell phones allow players to enjoy online gaming with maximum comfort.


If we refer to freedom regarding the time of day or night in which we want to play online casino , cell phones have an advantage.

There is no doubt that if we have a Smartphone, we can play online casino at any time. It is enough to have available our cell phone, which usually accompanies us most of the time in our day to day.

This does not happen if we want to play from a computer. For this, normally we will have to be at home or somewhere where you can access this type of device.

So when it comes to freedom of choice when to play the best online casinos , having a mobile device will always be a huge advantage .


Although developers and operators of casino games have improved cellular performance visually and sonically, the drawback lies in the size of the screen .

Mobile devices, compared to computers, will always have a much smaller screen, which will reduce the vision of certain details.

As we have said, currently casino games are 100% compatible with Smartphone and offer a catalog of visual elements of the highest quality. However, this will always multiply if we play from a computer , since it has a larger screen.

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