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May 22, 2024
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7 Reasons to Bet E-Sports Over Traditional Sports

Betting on traditional sports like football and horse racing has been around for over 100 years, and it’s no wonder why. From learning the right games and players to bet on and understanding the spread, once you get the hang of the basics, betting on sports can be fun and lucrative. 

But betting is no longer limited to the conventional sports of generations past. With the rise of technology, a whole new realm of competition has emerged for your betting enjoyment: e-sports.

That’s right, you can now bet on games like Call of Duty, StarCraft, and League of Legends. If you liked playing any of these games before, now is your chance to turn your pastime into a rewarding side hustle. Specifically, here are 7 reasons to consider betting on e-sports rather than (or in addition to) traditional sports. 

1.E-Sports Are Year-Round

Most traditional sports betting options like MLB and the NFL require you to bet seasonally. For instance, with the NFL, you can only place bets from September to February — which means if you bet exclusively on football, you can’t bet at all for more than half the year.

But with e-sports, matches, games, and tournaments occur every day, all year long, giving you the opportunity to bet whenever you feel like it. Online sportsbooks like BetDSI who have emerging e-sports platforms advertise with this unique betting characteristic, letting users know it’s always e-sports season. 

2.Possible Higher Bonuses

Since e-sports are fairly new to the online sports betting community, there is a large push to get new users to sign up. With significant online players in the gambling market looking to grow their company with new e-sports divisions, betting services need to find unique ways to draw users in.

For example, BetDSI offers up to $500 in additional betting money upon sign-up, with a 50% welcome bonus exclusively on e-sports bets. This provides a great introductory opportunity for users eager to explore the potential of e-sports. After all, who doesn’t want free money and more winnings? 

3.The Industry Is Constantly Growing

Already, the e-sports industry has grown to nearly a billion dollars worldwide — and it’s continuing to grow at an overwhelming pace. The number of e-sports viewers has continued to grow year after year, and is anticipated to grow by about 11% from 2021 to 2022 alone.

With an ever-increasing fanbase across the globe, e-sports will soon become a more central focus of sportsbooks, who will be offering better odds, better winnings, and better bonuses year after year. 

4.The Odds Are More Accurate

Sportsbooks rely on data to deliver odds and updates to their customers. When it comes to traditional sports, all of this information has to be gathered manually by employees and then put into the system. This takes time and also allows for a fair amount of human error.

But online gaming is entirely digital. Everything e-sports is done completely online, from games to events. This means all the critical information you need is available in real-time and with astounding accuracy.

5.E-Sports Can Be Easier to Understand

Not everyone is a football or baseball fan, but the amount of engaged video game users has gone up exponentially in the last ten years. Even if you aren’t playing StarCraft daily, there is a decent likelihood you understand the basics of the game (or can pick them up quickly with the familiarity of video gaming).

When it comes to betting, the more you understand about a sport or a player, the higher your chances of having a successful outcome. This is because you can use your existing knowledge to formulate better strategies and evaluate the odds of your bet in more advanced ways. 

E-sports also allow you to bet on a game you can play yourself. Not everyone can play in the NFL, but we can all turn on our PlayStation and jump into a game of Call of Duty. 

6.Referees Don’t Influence Your Bet

We’ve all been there. You have hard-earned money riding on the game you are watching and the referee makes a bad call. With traditional sports, there is a fair amount of human influence that goes into a team or player’s success overall. You can easily lose your bet just because a referee is having a bad day and makes a call that is controversial at best.

With e-sports, this can never happen, thanks in part to its fully digitized nature. There are no referees to influence the outcome with human error. E-sports are created based on basic rules, and the game does the rest, ensuring unbiased results.

7.E-Sports Are Easier to Access

Nowadays, you don’t have to watch a game to bet on it, but most bettors still like to see the outcomes as they play out. With traditional sports, you often have to pay for a subscription service to view the game you are betting on. With e-sports, you can often view the event you are betting on for free, typically on free service platforms like Twitch.

E-sports, the Sports of the Future

Ultimately, these are just a few the reasons you should consider e-sports betting. This new domain of competition is rife with opportunity, and there’s never been a better time to make your first bet. Whether you love StarCraft or are a maniac for FIFA, there is something for everyone in e-sports.

Need an extra incentive? Try your luck today at BetDSI and receive a 50% bonus on your first e-sports bet!


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