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The 8 Easiest Gambling Strategies

Unlike in many other sports, there are no strategies in gambling that can guarantee you success but you can most certainly increase your odds. Gambling is all about uncertainty. Almost all betting systems devised by mathematicians have their shortcomings. Though, there are some betting strategies that are easy and make it possible for you to play longer on the same bankroll. Here are some of the easiest gambling strategies that help you reduce the house edge considerably: 


  • Play With the Basic Blackjack Strategy


Contrary to popular belief, basic blackjack strategy works. You can reduce the house edge by at least 3% if you play with the perfect basic strategy in blackjack. It helps you save a lot of money in the long run. Playing with the basic strategy will help you lose less while having losing sessions.  


  • Play Video Poker With a Strategy Card


For all poker lovers, the best strategy is to play on the video poker machines with the best pay charts. However, a strategy card should always be used for whatever game you are playing. On almost every hand you play, a strategy card can help you save more than 2%. So, if you play hundreds of hands every hour, saving that much will enable you to play a lot longer on the same bankroll. 


  • Bluff Less Than Usual


Professional poker players don’t bluff that much. It doesn’t matter what type of poker you are playing. Bluffing less will make your bluffs work more frequently and this way, you can make more money when you are not bluffing. Though you might see players bluffing a lot on television, you should not do it that often in reality. 


  • Play Tournaments 


From slots tournaments to video poker tournaments, playing tournaments can help you win a large prize while investing a fixed amount of money. Different gambling tournaments have different payout structures. Tournaments are better than regular table games or machines as you won’t have to make frequent wins in order to make a lot of money in the long run. 


  • Place Odds Bets 


Whenever you get the chance, place the odds bets. They are offered at odds of zero. While playing craps, each sequence of rolls is started with a come-out roll. During a come-out roll, you either bet on the pass or don’t pass the line. Normally after one roll, a point is fixed. You can place a special bet once a point is set called the odds bet. This wager doesn’t have a distinct place on the table as casinos don’t really want players to place such wagers. 


  • Slow Down At the Slot Machines


Players normally play more than 300 spins every hour. As slot machines have very high house edges, you can screw up badly at the slot machines. Therefore, the best thing to do at the slot machine is to slow down. Reducing the number of spins you play per hour can help you make your bankroll last three times longer than usual. Read more on freespins.monster.


  • Bet the Banker


Banker bet has one of the lowest house edges in the casino. Placing the banker bet is the best decision you can make while playing baccarat. It has a house edge of nearly 1%.


  • Play On Single Zero Wheels Only


There is no strategy in roulette that can change the result in the long run as the house edge remains virtually the same no matter what you bet on. However, you can lessen the house edge to nearly 2.5% by playing on roulette wheels with only a single zero space. Playing at a single zero wheel enables you to play longer on the same bankroll than playing a double zero wheel. So, this strategy works perfectly in the long run if not in the short term. 

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