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7 Reasons to Play Online Slots

Playing online slots has become a current trend for players of all ages. Why has the demand for online slots grown so much?

In Spain there are incredible face-to-face casinos. We have in Barcelona the Gran Casino de Barcelona, ​​with more than 7,000 m2 of facilities. Also in Madrid, the movement of the casinos is very active: the Gran Madrid casino is a competition between the largest face-to-face casinos in Europe. In addition, in many bars in Spain we find slot machines.

All the magic of these casinos is now with you in your pocket at all times, why not start enjoying it? It is not necessary to move to Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Aranjuez to start having fun. We give you some reasons to understand the reason for the resounding success of online casinos, also known as ” portable casinos “.

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Being physically present in another city can be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t live near the capitals. And even being close, the cost of gasoline for your car, bus tickets or air tickets is usually high. You would also have to warn in your work that you will go on vacation, and use those days that we generally use to be with the family at Christmas or to rest at home.

All the logistics and operation behind a trip implies a heavy investment , not even counting the food and lodging expenses that would be in the city (it is estimated that around € 100 per day is spent on expenses, being reasonable). To win in a casino and enjoy gambling, the best option is not to travel.

The online slots , for example, are a solid example of convenience. If you’ve seen or played the new titles in HD or 4K from video game consoles, or just the special effects from the latest movies, you will find that it is not difficult to imitate the experience through the computer, tablet or smartphone. Everything from the comfort of your favorite place, your home. Forget besides queuing to try your luck in your favorite game.


The first steps in finding casino fun can be intimidating or overwhelming for those who have never been to a traditional one, or have never played online.

In addition to the line you usually have to make to play, and the discomfort of having people also waiting behind you, it can be cumbersome to have someone watching your movements and waiting for you to go to the service or to take fresh air to get your path in the slot machine. Being a beginner player it is preferable to take things at your own speed, without being aware of what those around you will say.

No one can observe or intimidate you from your tablet, computer or mobile. You will be the owner of the room , as if you had reserved an entire casino for yourself. Many players prefer this environment to have fun and focus on winning.


When playing slots, one of the things that attracts the most attention is the possibility of obtaining great profits from minimum bets , you can enter with few chips and generate many.

Almost all online slot options offer real money versions to play, making the game more exciting by becoming a rewarding possibility.

Since the money is handled electronically, you can match any bet of an opponent or simply take better control of your investment.

Imagine you win a terrific jackpot of thousands or tens of thousands of euros . Being in a busy casino, all the employees, tourists and even thieves will see you win; But in the privacy of your tablet, phone or mobile, even when you are in your office during lunchtime, no one will know that you are a millionaire – unless, of course, you shout it running naked.

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In addition, the withdrawal of money is done automatically, which ensures that you will immediately receive your prize without having to go to a bank agency and expose yourself to unscrupulous people who have seen you in the casino.


The fact that the casino does not have to invest in physically buying the machine, maintaining it, paying wages to the girl who offers you the menu and to the doorman, allows online slots to generate better payment conditions for players.

Many of these physical machines are certainly inspiration for those that are played online, but the latter almost always offer bonuses and incentives, due to the cost savings that they entail for their developers.

These bonuses claim to extend the fun a little more , and it has even been known that there are players who have won hundreds of euros without investing a penny, just their good luck. Get professional advice here to help you make the most of welcome bonuses .


Ultimately, it’s all about having fun . It is not more difficult than that.

The online slot format has flourished due to its flexibility, good prizes, deals and easy-to-use and colorful software development.

It is very easy to find a great offer online, in addition to an immense variety of options.

Waiting at the doctor, on the bench, or until the rain passes to return home become opportunities to win and have fun in the virtual space .


Another advantage that slot machines offer is the possibility to practice without investing real money. You can do it for as long as you want, and learn the mechanics of the game. When exploring the movements, types of bets, minigames and bonuses, you can make a mistake; but if you practice before this will not bring you problems.

It is a significantly greater advantage that distinguishes them from traditional slots, since in no traditional casino you will be able to try them without introducing real notes or coins.  On the contrary, on the Internet you can play slots for free for as long as you want.


Imagine that you are stuck in traffic, or you have to wait ten minutes before entering the cinema. Most likely, you will want to distract yourself by doing something. To play online slots, you don’t have to sit for half an hour to exhaust the credits, or wait for the girl to come and award your prize. 

Just take your phone out of your pocket and in less than a minute you will be spinning the slot machine to try your luck. You can stay a minute or two hours straight without being disturbed, and it is accessible from the palm of your hand. It is perfect!

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