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Play at the best new online casinos of 2020

Choosing an online casino is a big decision – there are so many new online casino sites that it can be confusing and difficult to judge without risking money. To help you make your choice, our team of experts is responsible for testing and choosing the best new online casinos for 2020.

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Choose any of the following new casinos and you are guaranteed a great gaming experience. All the sites we recommend offer you:

  • Excellent bonuses that are easy to release
  • The latest software from the best providers
  • A selection of various new and classic games.

The best new online casinos of 2020

The most outstanding new online casinos

As many of you know, throughout 2020 new online casinos have appeared. Some of you may not be aware, because the general premise is that it should not be difficult to open a new online casino that is successful? The answer is clearly yes, it is extremely difficult to launch a new online casino successfully, but this does not prevent hordes of people from trying.

There are literally a ton of the best new casinos in 2020 popping up online every week, some themed by some, some glitzy and glamorous, and some downright ugly. Many new online casinos are launched, but most go nowhere.

How we choose the best new online casinos

To determine the best new online casinos for 2020, we didn’t tuck a series of names into a hat and cross our fingers. Instead, we inspect everything from software to welcome bonuses to customer service. We play games, make deposits, withdraw money, deal with customer service, and interact with security.

Then we rate the performance of the site in each category, add the totals and rank them. Here you can take a look at the criteria we examined for the 2020 new online casino ranking system.

1.Registration and security process

We know that players prefer secure registration processes and that they do not waste their time. The sites we recommend have simplified their secure registration process to help you start playing faster.

2.Deposit options

Nobody likes to complicate their lives just to bet $ 50 / € 50 on their online casino account. The sites we recommend have virtually all deposit options covered, including credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and more.

3.Quick payments

Some casinos help you put money into your account at record speed, but when it comes to getting your winnings they take it easier. This is not the case with our selection of the best new online casinos in 2020. Each of the ones we recommend put our money in our hands more quickly than we expected.

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4.Software quality

We examine everything from lobby layout to navigation and usability. There is nothing worse than getting lost in the software of a new online casino. Game design is a crucial factor, especially for new casino players.

5.Game variety

The layout of the software means nothing if there is no variety of game. Luckily, our selection offers the largest variety of table games, slots, and video poker. In fact, the best new Internet betting sites for 2020 offer the widest variety of games, some as many as 500.

FAQ of new casinos

How can I tell the difference between good online casinos and bad ones?

There are many ways to find out if the newest online casinos are here to stay or are unreliable sites. A telltale sign is if the site has accessible contact information. The good guys keep their contact information on the front page, giving you instant access to phone numbers, email addresses, and live chat. The bad guys? They keep contact information well hidden.

Not all the bonuses listed in your options are the same. How can this be?

The bonds are not the only factor in determining the classification of a new casino. And while some bonds may appear larger than others, the terms and conditions of each bond differ from site to site. So a voucher that might appear to the naked eye to be large may actually be worth as much as one that is one-tenth its size.

Do your rankings for new online casinos only work for real money players?

No. Although our criteria place importance on issues such as payment processing, we also examine game variety, software quality, and customer service. In fact, 30% of our testing process is done as a non-depositor. That means we look at things like customer service from the perspective of someone who wants to play for free.

I have read complaints on the Internet about certain new online casinos. Should I believe them?

Sometimes yes. But the truth is that 99% of people often use forums to complain about a product, service or company. It is rarely the time that people make the effort to spend time talking about how good they are having it or how much they like a product. That happens on social media, like Facebook, but on review sites it doesn’t usually happen. That’s why independent review pages are as important as our new casino review guide. We separate the good guys from the bad guys to introduce you to the places where you can play with confidence.

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