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Bitcoin Baccarat

Bitcoin games are unlike the usual casino games. Designed and developed for Bitcoin, these games are guaranteed to bring the best out of online betting. Expect pure anonymity as you place your bets and fast withdrawal times when cashing out winnings. Prepare for entertaining and exciting gameplays in every round you wager on and journey through the variety of games skillfully created by different top-notch Bitcoin casino software and game providers. We’ve neatly organized all Bitcoin games to their respective categories, so it’s up to you which of them would give you the sweet taste of Bitcoin wins.

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Get a lucky 9 for a sure win! This is the main goal for every player in the card game Baccarat, one of the most popular game in the casino be it online or not. The reason behind its fame aside from its simplicity is the fact that it has one of the lowest house edges among other casino games with only about 1.17 percent. And now, due to popularity of bitcoins, this plain card game has improved into a much exciting, convenient to play game that provides good pays, the Bitcoin Baccarat.

In terms of rules and strategies, Bitcoin Baccarat is no different from the usual Baccarat. However, you need to at least remember that knowing how to play baccarat, baccarat rules, and baccarat strategy can be of immense advantage to your gameplay. The main target is to get a lucky 9 and avoid having the score of zero or “baccarat.” This game can be compared to Blackjack, as in the latter the aim is to get a score near or exactly 21 and in Baccarat the goal is to have the points of near or precisely 9. However, in terms of rules there is the huge difference between the two. Furthermore, since this card game has now been empowered by bitcoins, lots of benefits are offered to the players for a much thrilling and awe-inspiring Baccarat with bitcoins experience.

Reasons Why you must Play Bitcoin Baccarat

–          Simple to Play; hence, Easy to Win

Initially, each player will be given two cards, with a maximum of three cards dealt. When it comes to card value, cards from 2-9 retain their face value, face cards as well as 10s are count as zero, and Aces have 1 point. If your hand has the cards with a total of 8 or 9, that is considered “natural” and there is no need to draw another card. On the other hand, if the total of the card is more than 9, only one digit is counted. If your hand get a zero, that is considered Baccarat and you will automatically lose.

–          Players from Any Part of the Globe are Welcome

Most Bitcoin casinos offers a no country restriction feature; hence, players from different part of the world, from any continent or country are welcome to play this game. Thanks to the anonymity of bitcoins, as you can now enjoy playing Baccarat wherever you are.

–          Play with Utmost Confidentiality

In playing Baccarat with bitcoins, you can get started without filling-out forms requiring personal credentials. Most of the bitcoin casinos offering this game require no account; hence, you can directly place your bet by sending required amounts of bitcoin to the wallet address provided and wait until you receive one confirmation. After that, you can now enjoy the wonders of Bitcoin Baccarat. Moreover, if you win, your earnings will be sent directly to the wallet you have used in sending payment. And all of these can happen and be done almost instantly.

Choosing the best bitcoin casino that offers Bitcoin baccarat is one of the important things to consider as only the cream of the crop can give you the best Baccarat with bitcoin experience. To start with, read our review of Betcoin.ag and CoinRoyale, two quality casinos that provide good Bitcoin Baccarat experience.

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