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Get the Best Online Casino Bonus in 2020

Discover where to find the best and biggest bonuses in the industry, with the help of our team of experts. Casino bonuses are one of the main reasons to deposit money online and be able to enjoy your favorite games. You can have extra cash using online casino bonuses.

Below you will find a list of the best online casino bonuses recommended by our team of experts. In 2020 we highlight the Royal Panda Casino , which obtained the best rating.

What is a Casino Bonus?

Casino Bonuses are strategic amounts of real money that different online casino operators in Spain, America and around the world offer in order to increase the number of players on their websites. In order to access one of these bonuses, the player must register with the online casino that offers it.

Casino bonuses often attract bettors with juicy offers, but releasing them involves not only registering with the required online casino, but fulfilling a series of conditions that will vary depending on the type of bonus and the chosen online casino.

Fortunately we have a team of online casino experts who have taken it upon themselves to list the best online casino bonuses for you every day. Why waste time with dirty work when we can do it for you and leave you free time to play and WIN.

Bonus Types

For new players, taking advantage of lucrative sign-up bonuses is absolutely crucial. There are many online casinos on the market and they are all competing to attract your attention. Online casinos, including Merkur and Royal Panda Casino , constantly offer bonus offers and promotions. Depending on the operator you choose, you will have the possibility of accessing one or the other of them. Below we will briefly analyze the four most common.

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Welcome bonus.

Virtually every internet casino or poker site offers you a bonus for signing up and registering an account. The bonus is credited when you make your first deposit. This type of bonus usually equals 100% of the first deposit, although many times the amount is greater. To be able to release this type of bonuses, you usually have to bet a minimum of times on certain selected games. All this in a limited period of time

No deposit bonus.

This is one of the most attractive bonuses for players. Some online casinos will offer you a free money bonus without the need to make a deposit. The value of these bonds is usually not very high, and releasing them usually implies betting the value of said bond a certain number of times in a given period of time.

Free spins.

One of the most booming bonds today. More and more Spanish online casinos offer free spins at slots as a way to attract players not only to their sites, but to certain slots they want to promote.

VIP or Loyalty Programs

These bonuses are designed to preserve and reward those frequent players who bet higher amounts or who do it more regularly. This type of bonus usually involves the allocation of points for each game that the bettor plays in the casino. Once a certain amount of points has been reached, the player can exchange them for various bonuses. Players can also “move up” in rank, leading to more and better rewards.

Why should you opt for a bonus?

With numerous attractive registration bonuses, online casino players in Spain can make the most of their prizes.
When you are going to start playing in an online casino, it is in your best interest to have as much money as possible in order to improve your victory prospects. Welcome bonuses are the ideal answer for those who do not have a large initial budget, as they can increase their initial funds exponentially.

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  • Increase your playing time.

!! Congratulations!! You have just registered at your preferred online casino and thanks to that you have a welcome bonus that will give you extra money with which you can play for much longer. If you have a limited bankroll, an online casino bonus will provide you with enough money to extend the time you will have to play and, therefore, your fun!

  • Try new game modes.

Having an extra money thanks to your bonus can also serve you to try that new game that you have never bet before. Sometimes the bonus release conditions make it necessary to play certain casino-specific variants. Who knows, you might discover your new favorite game.

  • Earn extra money

Last, but possibly the main reason why you should take advantage of an online casino bonus is the economic benefit of doubling your funds, or increasing them even more. Online casinos like Lucky Red come to offer you a sign up bonus of 400%, up to $ 4,000. Can you imagine the savings that this means for you? It means that if you deposit $ 1,000 you are really playing with $ 5,000! Or you can see it in another way, you have a 400% greater chance of winning with any amount of money you deposit initially.
If you are new to online gambling and looking for great opportunities in online casinos, you will find the best in the industry listed right here.

How to use your online casino bonus

The vast majority of casino bonuses share fairly similar rules and conditions of use in online casinos. The following steps explain everything you will have to do to free your bonus:

  • First, the player must register and create an account at the online casino of their choice.
  • Once the account is created, it is important to follow the instructions of the casino to be able to access the welcome bonus.
  • Sometimes this bonus is divided into several initial deposits, each with an assigned percentage.
  • It is important to check what percentage each casino game will contribute to the bonus release.
  • The bonus will be released once the wagering requirements have been met. Generally, these conditions involve betting the bonus amount a certain number of times, within a period of time set by the provider.
  • If the player has fulfilled the conditions set by the provider, he will be able to release his bonus and have that real money.
  • We recommend that you read the terms and conditions on the casino site before accepting a bonus.

How to choose the most suitable bonus?

Although it may seem like a lie, the bulky bonus will not always be the right one for you. It is important to know how to identify the advantages and disadvantages that go with every casino bonus. For example, a welcome bonus is a good way to start playing, but if you already have experience and have chosen a good online casino in which you are comfortable, you will prefer an interesting VIP rewards policy.

The first thing you should take into account when choosing a bonus or another is how much money you have, and how much time you have free to bet that money. In other words, it is useless to opt for a very lucrative welcome bonus but with conditions of release that you will not be able to assume.

The key in these cases is to find the perfect balance between an attractive bond and affordable conditions. For this reason it is important to read very carefully the section dedicated to the bonuses of each online casino. With patience and good judgment, you will end up knowing when it is a good idea to decline certain apparently very juicy bonuses, and when to opt for a smaller but easy-to-release bonus.


What are online casino bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are promotional strategies offered by different operators in order to attract players to their online gambling sites, or to keep those who are already registered. This is accomplished through additional real money offers, free spins or other rewards aimed at bettors.

How do casino bonuses work?

Casino bonuses are offered to the player with a real money account . Online casinos generally have to make a qualifying minimum deposit to claim bonuses like free cash and free plays.

What makes a welcome bonus good?

A good welcome bonus at any Spanish online casino would come with a free stuff pack, including: several match bonuses on your first deposits, free plays, and possibly no deposit bonuses as free credit. It would also include a fair wagering requirement that does not put too much pressure on the player, forcing him to bet large amounts of money to free up his bonus winnings.

Spanish casinos offer generous welcome bonuses and other promotions to attract new players to their sites to keep them coming back again and again. Casinos make these offers by crediting any winnings made through bonuses to a bonus balance, which can be released when the wagering requirement connected to a promotion is met.

How can I find the biggest bonuses?

You can find the best bonuses offered by Spanish online casino sites by taking a look at the list of Spanish casino websites on this page and in our detailed reviews of recommended sites.

Can I get a bonus without depositing money?

Yes. One of the most attractive and sought after bonuses is the so-called “no deposit bonus”. This bonus offers you a small initial amount completely free of charge, just by registering at the online casino on duty. It is not necessary to make any initial income to have this bonus, although there are release conditions for the real money you get with it.

Is there a good option for small deposits?

Yes. One of the most attractive and sought after bonuses is the so-called “no deposit bonus”. This bonus offers you a small initial amount completely free of charge, just by registering at the online casino on duty. It is not necessary to make any initial income to have this bonus, although there are release conditions for the real money you get with it.

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