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Real casino vs online casino

With the advent of online gambling, one of the main dilemmas traditional casino players face is having to choose between continuing to play in the physical casino of a lifetime or starting to gamble in online casinos. This creates doubts even in users who have never played in a casino, physical or online.

This time we are going to face the advantages and disadvantages of playing both in a real casino and in an online casino, so that you can finally decide if it is better for you to play more in one or the other modality, or even to be able to alternate both.


Physical casinos are the traditional places where Mexican players have been able to enjoy the excitement offered by the different games inside. However, this has been the case most of the time, until the appearance of online casino pages .


Participating in real casinos has multiple advantages. Among the highlights we find the possibility of enjoying the true essence of playing in a real casino. Arriving at the casino facilities, contemplating the lights that surround the rooms and the busy atmosphere is an incomparable experience.

In the same way, imagine that you are at a roulette table, surrounded by users and making a strong bet that is a winner. The feeling of victory must be double, since you will not only get the economic benefit, but the recognition of the rest of the users.

Being able to chat with friends, acquaintances and other customers who are in the same situation as you while you play or watch other players participate is a way of socializing that you will not be able to enjoy if you decide to play online.


The main disadvantage of physical casinos is that players have to move to the building in which it is located and adapt to the opening and closing hours of the building, which is sometimes inconvenient for many bettors.

Regarding the first aspect, in many cases users do not find a casino near their home, so they have to travel long distances on public transport or in their own car with the loss of time that this entails.

Regarding the second handicap, the player also has to stick to the hours in which the casino remains open, which in many cases does not fit the interests of many players, being able to go at the same time less than desired or even having to deprive himself of visit it.


The appearance of online casinos has served so that some traditional users could try another type of casino and that new players, more accustomed to the internet, have a place to bet quickly and comfortably.


For anyone who finds the comfort, cost and convenience factors a bit daunting in traditional casinos, there is hope. The Internet of Things has facilitated a burgeoning online casino gaming industry .

The best of all is that casino games can be participated using both a computer, a tablet or a cell phone in a totally secure way thanks to the encrypted technology offered by the servers on these pages.

This means that the player does not have to move from home, being able to play his preferred online casino from anywhere and at any time, being able to select the time of day or night that suits him best. In addition, with the new modality of live casino, which brings the physical casino closer to the computers and Smartphone of the users, the player will have an experience as close as possible to playing in a real casino.

We must also not forget the magnificent welcome bonuses and promotions that these casinos offer new users, with which they will multiply the funds in their account in a way that they could never get in a real casino.


The main disadvantage of playing in an online casino, if it can be called that way, is the insecurity that it can generate in more traditional players. Are internet casino games reliable? Will I lose my money when making a deposit at an online casino ?

These are some of the questions that some users may ask themselves. But should players doubt online casinos? No way. Online casinos are as safe and reliable as physical casinos can be.

First of all, internet casino games work with a program called RNG or random number generator, which guarantees the randomness of these games. In fact, there is no way that one of these games will get to the page of any online casino without having been thoroughly scrutinized by authorized regulators.

On the other hand, the financial transactions carried out in any online casino are under the security of companies that not only offer their services to this type of business, but to most of them. We are talking about companies like Visa, MasterCard, Paypayl or Neteller.

Conclusions game in physical casino and online casino game

In the end it all depends on the player, his preferences and circumstances. If you are a classic casino player, who traditionally visits their favorite gambling hall on Saturdays of each week and enjoys it, then you should stick with your routine. That doesn’t mean you can’t try an online casino.

In fact, whether you are a traditional casino player or have never played, you will always have the possibility of being part of an online casino thanks to the ease of registration, the little money you will have to enter and its easy accessibility. Once you have tried, you can decide if you want to continue playing or not. It’s that simple.

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