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Why do we play casino?

Why do we play physical and online casino games ? If we were asked this question, the most general answer would be: to earn money . But is this always so? Are there other reasons why casino users jump into slot, roulette, or blackjack?

While it is true that this may be the general motivation for most players, an objective fact that would be contradictory to this thought is that the odds are always in favor of the casino in which it is played, being the winning options for the players. smaller.

So what makes players come back again and again to try their luck at their favorite casino games? In recent years, a number of studies have been published that seem to point to one particular aspect: gambling itself , regardless of whether you lose or win.

Users seem satisfied with making relatively small gains, and even tolerate losses. In the end, they become aware that, in the long run, they are more likely to lose than win. Therefore, they assume it naturally.


This way of resigning oneself in exchange for the possibility of gambling itself could lead to an addiction to gambling, something that must be kept under surveillance at all times. Accepting certain losses due to the excitement of gambling is normal, as long as the money lost is an amount that does not affect our daily life.

That is, if we can afford to invest monthly, for example, 10% of our salary in playing, we can assume the loss of that money without any problem, since the remaining 90% will serve to pay for the products and basic bills to carry a dignified life.

It would be very different if we start betting money that we should use to spend on food or on bill payments. In this case, we recommend our visitors to request the casino in which they play the self – exclusion thereof, thus avoiding losing that money necessary for daily life.


There is another aspect that pushes many players to bet: pure fun . Any game that appeals to us will be a moment of pleasure every time we play it, and this is what happens when we participate in roulette, blackjack , video poker or slot machines, for example.

Do spin the reels on a slot is a time of excitement for a lot of bettors who enjoy watching the reels spin. In addition, they are attracted to try slots with different themes, since each title is different and brings new emotions to the player.

Similarly, the uncertainty of not knowing the number in which the ball will fall in roulette is an injection of adrenaline for many players, who experience sensations difficult to reproduce in other areas of life.

And what about the emotions that are experienced when we enjoy a game of poker? It is not about the amount of money that can be won during a tournament or several poker games, but about being the best at a table made up of several players.

So, once this analysis is done, why do you like to play casino games? Think about it now that we’ve given you a different perspective because this may help you have even more fun when you play, be it in a physical game room or on an online casino page .

Ultimately it is about that: playing to enjoy the pleasures that casino games offer us, beyond that you can win or lose a certain amount of money, since that is something that all players have lived for.

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