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June 23, 2024
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Easy Roller Dice

The textured rollers as you have already seen that I have used together with the green putty in a previous article, I would like to tell you about these rollers.
The rollers are easy to use, have many types of engravings around their bodies, and any of them can be used on a small base or a large base. The “runic” roller which is the one I use and the one I have, can use a piece of any type of putty, be it white, “paper mache” or green putty.

With green putty you have to be very careful because it is very sticky, so you have to moisten the putty and even the roller a lot so that there is no residue of putty stuck on the roller.
Once the putty you want is chosen, I use the green putty, as I have already said mojo with clean water the roller and to knead the putty I wet the fingers so that they do not stick to me, once the putty is homogeneous we apply the roller applying the same pressure during rolling over the putty.

! Eye, if you press too much it will pass as it did the first time the putty will deform and expand, and the roller will clog the textures with green putty, to avoid that the pressure must be soft.

advice: If pieces of putty remain stuck on the roller, do not worry now to remove it from the roller, it is in a sticky state and they are small pieces, when it dries, you pass a sharp or fine tip cutter carefully over the ” pieces “of putty already dry, you will see how the pieces jump leaving the roller clean.

Once the work with the roller is finished, it is cleaned with clean water eliminating traces of dry putty, if it is true that the putties that stick to the roller are sticky, like green.

With mache paper it can be used but if it has a lot of water the dough may not be well textured in the final result.

If you are interested in this type of tools or utensils stop by Green stuff world . Greetings and leave us your comment.

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