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The 4 Golden Rules of Bankroll Management

Online gambling is different things to different people. Some see it as a bit of fun, some want to win lots of money and others treat it like a business. Your motivation for playing is irrelevant when it comes to employing solid bankroll management skills. This is because you want to gamble and therefore need money to do so. 

If you are only playing for fun but have no extra cash to gamble with, you can’t play. That’s why in this article we’re going to provide a few golden rules of bankroll management for you. If you learn to use these rules, you will stay in the game longer, have more fun and hopefully win some money along the way too.

Rule 1 – Set Limits

Online gambling has pitfalls that we can’t ignore. If you have $100 to play with and use it in the 1 go, you’re not really playing careful, are you? It’s important to set limits so you can restrict the amount you lose and also ensure you’re not playing too much. Most casinos allow you to set daily, weekly and monthly limits. This is a great to stop you depositing many times for high amounts.

Rule 2 – Play Games You Know Well

One of the biggest problems some gamblers have is taking shots at games they have no clue on. This is particularly problematic on the more complex games. Poker training sites like Texas Hold’em Questions answer the question is poker gambling? Even the games that are mostly luck based require the player to understand the fundamentals. 

You can’t rock up at a roulette table and bet blindly, you need to know the odds to understand how to win at roulette. If you don’t you will certainly lose and give the house an even greater edge against you. 

Rule 3 – Take Advantage of Bonuses

There’s always a promotion or bonus available with the major casinos. The key to good bankroll management is to take advantage of these regularly. They buffer your bankroll and keep things ticking along nicely. It’s important to not get lazy and only play on one site. Instead, read reviews, follow the latest promotions and claim the bonuses that are lurking around. Many of the major sites offer no deposit bonuses for signing up or matched deposit.

Rule 4 – Don’t Drink and Gamble

Another issue gamblers have is they combine drinking alcohol with gambling. If you want to protect your bankroll and have fun, quit the drinking when you gamble. It won’t help you and will only impact your decision making. By staying sober, you will make better decisions. You will also ensure those you are with have a better time too. There’s nothing worse than a drunk gambler is there? 

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